Parents’ illnesses spurred Swiss Cottage Sec alumnus to prioritise

SINGAPORE– Her daddy fell ill when she was in Secondary 3; her mom, a year later on.

Both events surprised 16-year-old Leow Su Qi, causing her to ponder the significance of life.

” One time on the bus, I sat down and began to believe (about) what my objectives in life are … and exactly what are the crucial things I want to accomplish in life,” Su Qi, a Swiss Cottage Secondary School alumnus who got her O Level results for 2 subjects on Friday (Dec 12).

She scored B3 in Elementary Mathematics and Art.

Su Qi was amongst the leader batch of students on a pilot plan that enables lower secondary students from the Typical (Academic) and Regular (Technical) streams to take subjects at a greater scholastic level.

The trial began in 12 secondary schools in 2014 and was extended this year.

It enables students who scored at least an A for English, mother, science or mathematics tongue in the Primary School Leaving Assessment to study the corresponding subjects at the Express level.

About 370 Normal (Academic) trainees in Su Qi’s friend took one or more topics in English, Mathematics, Combined Sciences and Native Tongue at the Express Level.

“These trainees’ general performance in these topics were comparable to their peers in the O Level cohort,” said the Education Ministry and the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board.

Su Qi just recently got her N Level results, scoring A2 for English, Combined Science and Combined Liberal Arts, and a B4 for Native Tongue.

The teen stated joy, her family and friends and working to her dream task were essential to her.

She had “never ever actually liked making schedules”, but her moms and dads’ health conditions– for which she declined to reveal the information– spurred her to prioritise the most important jobs to accomplish every day.

She organized her life and handled her school activities and the family chores, which she shared her older sister.

Besides her research studies, she was likewise the vice-president of Swiss Home Secondary’s trainee council and a member of the Malay dance group.

Outside of a packed schedule, Su Qi discovered time to capture the periodic motion picture and play the Sims 4 video game.

“The best feeling you get is when you have the ability to strike off something on your to-do list,” she said.

Her next objective is to get into Singapore Polytechnic’s interior design course, and she intends to operate in set design.