Fewer O-Level students pass 5 or more subjects in 2017

SINGAPORE– She {had|had actually} set her heart on {joining|signing up with} the {student|trainee} council in Secondary One at Fajar Secondary School, {but|however} was {unsuccessful|not successful} {because|since|due to the fact that} she was not outspoken enough.

After having “{a big|a huge} cry” and with her {parents|moms and dads}’ {encouragement|motivation|support}, Wong Zi Qi {tried|attempted} {again|once again} the {following|list below} year, and {succeeded|was successful|prospered}.

The 16-year-old {eventually|ultimately} {became|ended up being} vice-president of the {student|trainee} council and is, today, {comfortable|comfy} speaking in front of an audience.

{Three|3} years {ago|back|earlier}, “my {{teachers|instructors} and {friends|buddies|pals|good friends}|{friends|buddies|pals|good friends} and {teachers|instructors}} {told|informed} me that if I did not speak, they would not {have|have actually} {known|understood} I {was there|existed}”, {said|stated} Zi Qi, who {received|got} her O Level results on Friday (Jan 12).


She scored {six|6} {distinctions|differences} (A1 or A2) for Elementary and {Additional|Extra} Mathematics, Chinese Language, Biology, Chemistry, and {Combined|Integrated} {Humanities|Liberal Arts} (Social Studies and History). Zi Qi, who {declined|decreased} to {reveal|expose} her grade for English, {hopes to|wishes to|intends to|wants to} {enrol|register} in {Pioneer|Leader} or Catholic junior college.

The {initial|preliminary} {failed|stopped working} {attempt|effort} at {joining|signing up with} the {student|trainee} council was not the {first time|very first time} she {had|had actually} emerged {stronger|more powerful} after {a disappointment|a frustration|a dissatisfaction}.

She {had|had actually} scored 199 in her Primary School Leaving {Examination|Evaluation|Assessment}, {just|simply} {short of|except} her target of 200.

” I {felt like|seemed like} I didn’t make my {parents|moms and dads} {proud|happy},” {said|stated} Zi Qi, her voice softening {slightly|somewhat|a little}.

She {promised|guaranteed|assured} her {mother|mom} she would do her {best|finest} in secondary school and {held true|was true|applied} to her word– her {results|outcomes} {placed|put|positioned} her {among|amongst} Fajar Secondary’s top-scorers.

In the lead-up to the O Levels, she {recalled|remembered} {constantly|continuously} asking her {Maths|Mathematics} {teacher|instructor}, Mdm Sangeetha, for {help with|assist with|aid with} {revision|modification}, “{giving|providing|offering} her a long list of Maths {questions|concerns} I had {problems|issues} with”.

Her experiences {so far|up until now} {have|have actually} taught her this: “Although {sometimes|in some cases|often} {certain|specific|particular} things {seem|appear} {impossible|difficult}, I feel that if we put our heart into it, {nothing|absolutely nothing} is {impossible|difficult}.”